Capturing Moments

Creating Magic

My style of wedding photography for 90% of the day is photojournalism, which means I'm capturing every moment as it happens. I don't like to "fake" shots; I strive to capture the real wedding day - all of it. I'm not going to ask the groom to retie his tie three times, or interrupt the moment and tell the bride where to look when her dress is being put on (though I may tell you beforehand where to stand for the best light - I'm not completely hands off). Portraits take up the other 10% and by their nature are more posed, but I always focus on bringing out each couple's unique personality. My portraits could be described as having an editorial/fashion style. In practice that means I'm often using off camera lighting or a reflector. Natural light is always ideal when it's perfect, but it rarely is. I usually use it subtly in order to ensure perfect lighting on faces during portraits, but it can also be dialed up to make the lighting dramatic.

On the technical side my editing style is crisp, vibrant, with a timeless aesthetic. I also retouch my weddings, which is actually quite rare. The reason why is simple - it takes a lot of time and practice to do it well. To make this possible I've actually developed extensions to speed up my workflow and make going through every image in a wedding in Photoshop possible, which I also sell to other photographers at I use the same techniques that are used by high end retouchers. For candid shots this means a rogue blemish won't ruin the day and portraits will look naturally perfect, just as you'd see in a magazine.

All of that retouching time doesn't mean I take a long time to deliver each wedding; my average delivery time is 2-3 weeks. I work nearly every minute I'm awake during the summer in order to achieve this, but I simply don't want my clients to have to wait any longer than needed.

My wife is my second shooter and usually comes with to assist me when she's not shooting. She keeps me hydrated, fed, efficient, and points out small details that my male brain tends to miss. I love her dearly.

Lastly, I have a degree in computer science and frankly, I'm a good programmer. Why does that matter? I don't do this job because it's the most money I could make or because it's convenient; neither are true in my case. For me it's a passion, and I love the photography, the people that I get to work with, and above all else the emotion of the day.

Below are some sample galleries. Keep in mind each one is just a small selection of the images delivered to each couple. My average is 500 to 1000 images delivered per wedding, depending on time and other factors. I usually take about 6 images per 1 delivered, so that means I'm often taking 6,000 images in a day. That's a lot to go through!


My packages include full day coverage, high resolution images with all printing rights delivered via flash drive, retouching and editing, included engagement sessions, and an online gallery to share your images. Please contact me with the details of your wedding for more information.

Engagement sessions without a wedding package are available. My first recommendation to any couple is to take them with your wedding photographer whenever possible as it's the best way to get used to each other and practice. However, I realize that's not always possible, so feel free to contact me to set up your session.