Capturing Moments

Creating Magic

Planning a wedding takes a lot your of time, so I'm not going to waste it. My pricing is listed below the sample galleries.

On the technical side I use lighting equipment quite often. Natural light is always ideal when it's perfect, but it rarely is. I usually use it subtly in order to ensure perfect lighting on faces during portraits, but it can also be dialed up a notch to be more of a creative tool.

My style throughout the wedding day is to capture every moment as it happens. I don't like "fake" moments; I want to capture the real wedding day - all of it. Portraits by their nature are a bit more posed but I always encourage my couples to relax and be themselves.

I retouch my weddings. This is actually quite rare and most wedding photographers only do a small portion of images if they retouch at all. Retouched images should not look retouched, but it's a hard skill to learn and simply takes a lot of time. It's not uncommon for me to spend thirty minutes or more per image on portraits or other important images. While the rest of the images by necessity have less time put in to them than that it still means a rogue blemish won't ruin your images. I've actually developed extensions for Photoshop to speed up my workflow and make going through every image in a wedding in Photoshop possible and I sell them to other photographers at

My wife is my second shooter and usually comes with to assist me when she's not shooting. She keeps me hydrated, fed, efficient, and points out small details that my male brain tends to miss. I love her dearly.

Lastly, I have a degree in computer science and frankly, I'm a good programmer. Why does that matter? I don't do this job because it's the most money I could make or because it's convenient; neither are true in my case. For me it's a passion, and I love both the photography and the people that I get to work with.


My packages include full day coverage, high resolution images with all printing rights delivered via flash drive, retouching and editing, included engagement sessions, and an online gallery. You can take a look at my full pricing and packages list here:

Wedding Pricing and Brochure

Separate engagements are $300 on weekdays and $400 on weekends, but I recommend taking them with your wedding photographer when possible. It's a great chance for us to get to know you better, and for you to understand what we're doing and asking for on your wedding day.